Sunday, January 15, 2012

TV Shows

O.P. Here,

                       I was watching one of  my favorite TV shows  Advengers . Its about a team of superheros who came together to fight off a breakout of super-villians. The team is made up of -

  • Iron Man- Leader
  • Thor- Imortal
  • Hulk- Missing?
  • Ant-Man-Brains
  • Wasp- Peace Maker and Only Girl
                                      My only question are, Why is there only ONE girl and Who turned off the power in the super-jail the super villians were in. I guess it will be answeared later on.  That's one of the reasons I like it its one of those shows where its a continuing  story not a different story in every different episode. Well its a great show for all ages. With mystery and Adventure it's a great show for every one I give 5 stars. Well thats all for now.


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  1. hi op im not commenting on the tv show but i wanted to say claires with me. this is claire:hi op! what are you doing right now?